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Here is your 1 search result for Water Sports in Bermuda

Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda

Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda - Bermuda
Star Rating

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Location: Bermuda

From USD

Enjoy an awesome and interactive underwater eco-tour wearing Hartley diving helmets. Just walk, breathe and smile ... More info ›

Enjoy an awesome and interactive underwater eco-tour wearing Hartley diving helmets. Just walk, breathe and smile. Easier than snorkeling, yet more interactive than scuba diving. Even pet and hold fish while you are having your photo taken! Simply walk 8 feet down the ladder, which is attached to the boat, and walk on the sandy bottom right in front of thriving Bermuda coral reefs. Undersea walk lasts approximately 30-40 minutes. Join Greg Hartley for a enlightening, sugar coated biology lesson, that is the most fun ever. We have thick, full length, warm wet suits! Hotel pickup and drop-off not included.

Hartley's helmet diving is unique and original to Bermuda. Bronson Hartley, the original 'Fish Whisperer', started the first helmet diving experience in 1947. This undersea walk is unique because you will make friends with the fish, and other marine creatures. The fish know the staff and expect the staff to feed them so they are willing to allow us to touch and hold them, even for photo ops!

Since the helmet is heavy on land, it is able to hold all the air inside of it and you on the bottom. Your confidence and ability to walk is a result of being gently pressed on the sandy sea bed, only 11 feet down. The helmet has shoulder pads and three windows, one big one at the front, and two side windows. With the assistance of a message baton and print on the food jar, marine life is identified and explained. A briefing is held on the 30 minute ride to the reef so your experience ends up being a fun and entertaining biology lesson as well!

Wet suits will be available if the water is below 80 degrees. Depending on the size of the group three may be up to 4 separate dives so that you can receive a personalized experience underwater. Your head will remain totally dry, so you can wear glasses, contacts or make-up. Fresh air is constantly pumped in and you can reach in to clear your ears or scratch your nose.

What inspires and liberates divers the most and creates value in their experience is the open philosophy of the staff. You will enjoy a sensory experience where you will use all your senses to explore, with respect for Bermuda's marine eco-system. You will be awakened to the joy and mystery of life, both under the sea, and all around you.

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